Winner 50,001-100,000 category – Fayetteville, Arkansas: Hoggin’ The Spotlight

Fayetteville, home of the University of Arkansas, is an exceptional example of a tidy community. Over the course of their visit, the judges were impressed with the lack of litter. Citizens obviously have an anti-litter mindset. A strong, strictly enforced sign ordinance that limits the size and number of signs that a business can erect is extremely effective in minimizing visual clutter. Fayetteville has now won in each of its first four contest attempts.

Participants in the 50,001-100,000 category:

  Columbia, Missouri: The judges awarded a special mention to Columbia for community involvement. They were impressed with the high degree of recognition the city has when it comes to seeking public input and providing mechanisms for both the corporate and citizen sectors.
  Lafayette, Indiana: Heritage preservation is important in Lafayette. Since the establishment of the city’s Historic District Ordinance 15 years ago, five local historic districts have sprouted up and are administered through a Historic Preservation Commission. More than 60 downtown buildings have been renovated.

This population category was judged by Julie Riley and Matt Rosen.

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