Fafard Revitalizes Brand, Reveals New Look

Fafard is infusing new energy into its brand and reintroducing it to the marketplace, and it will unveil the new look this week at the Independent Garden Center Show in Chicago. The brand re-launch includes a modern version of the company logo, a brand video, new exhibits, packaging concepts and new ads and in-store point-of-purchase materials for 2009.


“We want to differentiate our brand in the marketplace and let home gardeners know they can have access to the same potting mix used by professional growers,” says Chuck Buffington, vice president of sales and marketing at Fafard.


The brand revitalization is about more than just appearance. Fafard may be an 87-year-old growing media company and a subsidiary of Syngenta, but it has a renewed retail strategy and brand position. To highlight its reputation among growers and its strong scientific background, the company has developed a new tagline–”the science behind the art”–as part of its revitalization plan.

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