Jiffy Products Of America To Open New Manufacturing Facility In Norton, Mass.

Jiffy Moerdijk [Slideshow]

Jiffy Internationals Executive Vice President Dagfinn Andersen and Director of Sales for the Americas Rick Friedrich, announced the planned opening of Jiffy’s newest substrate manufacturing location in Norton, Mass., for summer 2013.

“European growers have been fortunate over the years to have access to a broad range of soil mix options using various sources of peat,” Friedrich says. “One of our goals when Jiffy entered the U.S. substrate market in 2011 was to bring that European flavor and performance to North America. The Jiffy mixes have been well received and with the Norton facility this puts us close to some key markets and customers. It’s exciting!”

Andersen says, “The Norton facility follows to an extent our strategy in the Netherlands. In Moerdijk, the Netherlands, Jiffy receives different kinds of peat from around the world, which is processed and combined with additional ingredients like Jiffy’s own RHP certified coir to make various types of mixes specifically suited to a grower’s need. Because of the strategic location of Norton, mixes produced here can quickly and efficiently reach many key horticulture and agriculture markets in both Canada and the U.S.”

Jiffy Products is a global supplier of innovative propagations systems, peat, coir, substrates, peat pots and coir based hydroponic substrates. For additional information about Jiffy Products, visit JiffyGroup.com or call 800-323-1047.

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  1. Richard Busch, American Forest Foundation

    Hi: I am calling your 800-323-1047 and the recording asks me to enter * H and nothing happens. I try and press zero for an operation or nothing happens? I have reached you thru this phone number in the past so maybe it is just acting up today, Friday, 9/6/13 around 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. Thanks. Dick Busch 267-544-5270