Plant Growth Regulators And Perennials

PGR And Perennials

Fine Americas Inc., a producer of plant growth regulators, has published a new product guide, Using Piccolo With Herbaceous Perennials, by Dr. Joyce Latimer of Virginia Tech. This guide is a resource tool for growers in search of new plant growth regulator alternatives for herbaceous perennial crops.

The 40-page, full-color publication serves to introduce growers to Piccolo for use in producing a wide range of herbaceous perennials. The guide illustrates Piccolo’s effect on herbaceous perennial crops through studies conducted by Dr. Latimer. The guide also provides growers with general use guidelines on Piccolo applications for more than 90 different varieties of perennials.

Piccolo contains 0.4 percent paclobutrazol and works by reducing internode elongation through the inhibition of gibberellin biosynthesis, generating more compact plants. Piccolo enhances the quality of perennials, bedding plants, flowering and foliage plants, bulb crops, perennials and woody ornamentals, making them better able to withstand handling and transportation, easier to market and more profitable to produce.

A downloadable PDF version of Using Piccolo With Herbaceous Perennials is available on Fine Americas’ Web site at To request a printed copy, contact Fine Americas at 888-474-3463 or

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