Which PGRs Growers Prefer

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Imagine you only have the option of using one PGR in production for all time: Which product would you use and why?

“Although there are newer products on the market, I have had great success with the paclobutrazol family of products, such as Bonzi and Piccolo. I use them as a spray on some varieties, drench on some plants and a sprench on others. It really keeps my annual bedding plants in check during our colder and cloudier months of January and February when plants in small cell packs and containers get out of control right before spring sales." – Michael Pawelek, Pecan Hill Nursery

“We use [Bonzi], especially for Wave petunias – even growing Waves on the dry side or growing cool. We used B-9 on annuals many years ago until we got Bonzi down to an art.” – Robin Waldrop Sr., First Stage Greenhouse

“First there was sliced bread and then came paclobutrazol. This is the most important chemical for a wholesale operation. There’s a rate for almost every known plant. The ability of this chemical to translocate fast gives growers more options for timing applications." – Eric Rohloff, Esmans Greenhouse

Kevin Yanik is the former managing editor of Greenhouse Grower.

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