CowPots: The Next Big Thing?

CowPots: The Next Big Thing?

Make way for CowPots. Liquid Fence Company recently added the manure-based growing pots to its line of environmentally friendly garden products, and President Edward Abraham is confident CowPots will benefit significantly from the company’s grower distribution network.

“We’re proud to add this remarkable and truly green product to our line,” Abraham says. “We’ve been impressed with the whole idea of CowPots since we first heard about them.”

Matt and Ben Freund, two brothers who are second generation dairy farmers, came up with CowPots. The Freunds have been leaders in developing technologies to help dairy farmers produce milk in an environmentally sound manner, and Freund’s Farm was one of the first in Connecticut to store manure to optimize crop nutrient uptake.

Since 1997, the Freunds are one of only a few farms across the United States to have continuously run a methane digester. Cow manure is heated by the methane gas collected from the digester, making the system a renewable energy source. The Freunds use the excess energy for the production of CowPots.

The process for producing CowPots eliminates weed seeds as well as pathogens and offensive odors. The liquid goes back to the field to grow next year’s crops which feed the cows.

“We wanted the cows to provide everything from the feed stock to the energy for the production of CowPots,” Matt Freund says. “Our goal is to be totally sustainable.”

CowPots are designed to be planted in the ground and are 100 percent biodegradable. Tender, young roots easily penetrate the sides and bottoms of the pots, allowing them to get air and grow unrestricted. The manure attracts earthworms and is a renewable resource.

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