Grower Tool: Common Mistakes With New Crops

The industry demands new and exciting varieties each year that sell and are easy for consumers to maintain. Sometimes, though, certain varieties require more attention from growers than others. Selecta First Class has identified some rather challenging varieties and common mistakes that lead to the downfall of those varieties.

Among some of the more challenging crops are:

- Nemesia cultivars Serengeti
Begonia boliviensis ‘Bonfire’ and ‘Bellfire’
Sanvitalia procumbens ‘Tsavo Double Yellow’
–Osteospermum cultivars Kenai
Nierembergia caerula ‘Lara’
–Angelonia cultivars Angelina

According to Selecta, the most common mistakes made with these varieties are ordering plant material too early, overwatering and the handling of liners.

Short day conditions, lower light levels and cold temperatures in soil and the greenhouse will lead to stunted plants and disease issues with begonia, sanvitalia, nierembergia, and angelonia. The solution is to plant late. Vigorous plants like Serengeti and Kenai will overgrow otherwise.

Plants are also prone to overwatering with short days, low light levels and cold temperatures. Once the listed varieties are wet, keeping them well fed becomes a challenge and they’re more prone to diseases, as well.

As for liners, they should never become root bound, dried out or cold.

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