Tissue Culture Lingo

Tissue Culture Lingo

The Dictionary Of Plant Tissue Culture is an A to Z resource for the technical terms that apply to plant cell, tissue and organ culture. Authors Alan C. Cassels, professor of botany at the National University of Ireland, and Peter B. Gahan, professor emeritus at King’s College London’s School of Biomedical Sciences, define more than 1,000 terms relating to plant tissue culture. With illustrations of key concepts, the book defines the terms that come from plant tissue culture and those that originate from plant anatomy, genetics, stress physiology, growth regular research, microbiology and plant pathology.

The book’s entries are cross-referenced, where appropriate, with references mainly to general textbooks on plant anatomy, biochemistry, histochemistry, developmental biology, genetics, microbiology, micropropagation, plant breeding, plant biotechnology, plant pathology and plant tissue culture.

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