New Product Shorts

New Product Shorts

Thrips Control


Pylon, a miticide/insecticide is now labeled for thrips control (pending state registrations) and can be used on both ornamentals and greenhouse-grown vegetables. It can be used until the day of harvest for greenhouse-grown vegetables. Pylon is also labeled for mites, caterpillars, armyworms, pinworms, fruitworms, hornworms and cabbage loopers. Pylon features translaminar action, activity on larval and adult stages and 12-hour REI.

Three Walls

CO-EX Corporation:

Macrolux triple wall polycarbonate sheets are now being offered by CO-EX Corporation. They come in sizes of 6, 8 and 10 mm. The 6-mm triple wall has a 32 percent increase in flute space, compared to a twin wall. Macrolux triple wall also has light transmission up to 75 percent and a higher R-value. It is easy to install.

Growing Up Seedlings


Gro-Mat, a heated rubber mat from GroForIt, gives gentle heat to seedlings and helps them grow. Gro-Mat is waterproof and provides uniform, gentle heat, while using minimal electricity. Gro-Mat will allow growers to plant and harvest crops weeks earlier than normal. The 6-pound mat is 23 inches by 15 inches by 2 inches and the 10-pound Super Gro-Mat is 38 inches by 17 inches by 2 inches.

Healthy Height Control

Fine Americas:

Configure plant growth regulator increases basal branching and promotes flowering in certain ornamental crops. It is registered for use on Christmas cactus, plantain lily and purple coneflower. A concentrated ready-to-mix formula, it can be applied by spray. Configure is available in the United States, pending state registrations.

Fertilizing On The Move


Chemilizer’s C3P chest pack sprayer accurately mixes chemicals and water as you use it with its patented chemical mixer. It is designed for accurate, reliable injection of water-soluble chemicals, often eliminating the need to dilute and premix chemicals. Its light weight and versatility make it ideal for spraying fertilizers, fungicides, etc.

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