New Product Shorts

New Product Shorts

Easy Sprayer


Dramm has improved its easy-to-use Hydra Sprayer, redesigning the cart and tank and replacing the 45-gallon tank with a 50-gallon tank. The new 50-gallon tank has an improved sump well that ensures proper draining. The 50-gallon size makes mixing calculations easier. The Hydra features an anti-birdnesting hose reel, solid rubber wheels, easy-to-maneuver rear casters, an extra high-flow, low maintenance pump and ergonomic, forward motion Hydra spray gun.

Accurate Relilability 


The Chemilizer CP33 is an adjustable, non-electric water-driven injector ideally suited for nursery and greenhouse use and water chlorination. It precisely injects liquid fertilizers, fungicides, insecticides and growth regulators. It offers accurate, reliable injection and is backed by an excellent warranty.

Speed, Muscle And Brains 

Wadsworth Control Systems:

Wadsworth’s new 3 RPM VC-2000 drive unit for roof vents and roll-up side walls is 2 1/2 times as fast as the original VC-2000. It does not sacrifice strength for speed. With 1,500 in-lbs. of torque, it has the power to lift open roof panels and raise long side walls. This fast drive unit does not skimp on safety. It has Wadsworth’s unique torque override protection that stops the motor if binding or obstruction occurs. It is still easy to install, and still features Wadsworth’s durable design that lasts decades.

Saving Water 


The ORG Series of automatic self-cleaning filters now come in sizes from 1½ inches to 8 inches. They are built to conserve water during the self-cleaning cycle while still handling flow rates up to 1,320 gpm for single units. Orival’s filters are available with interchangeable screens from 5 to 3,000 microns, removing sand, gravel, algae, pollen, silt, bugs, mussels, rust and more. The vertical design of the ORG Series minimizes its footprint while maximizing screen area. The short cleaning cycle does not interrupt the flow of clean, filtered water downstream.

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