Stick, Dribble And Drill

Stick, Dribble And Drill

The new and unique Blackmore Dribbler makes it easy to prepare Ellepots for sticking, dibbling or drilling, hence the name, Dribbler. A new wiper attachment is now available for removing excess post-drilling soil when stepping up Ellepots.

The sticking head makes a small hole to facilitate insertion of soft cuttings into Ellepots if necessary. A dibble head makes larger holes for transplanting from smaller trays and Punch ‘n Gro trays (PNG) such as the 324 or 432 PNG. Both of these heads also have an oscillation setting to enlarge the holes if necessary. The drilling head makes oversize holes to accommodate Ellepots for larger StepUP sizes such as the 288, 162 or 105.

The Wiper is a special mechanical attachment that simply removes the drilled soil from the area around the Ellepot. This makes for a clean and pleasing appearance around the planted material rather than a cone of media.

The machine runs on standard 120 VAC and no air is required so it may be operated almost anywhere. If mounted on the Blackmore power conveyor, it is easily wheeled about. Changing from the sticking head to the dibble or drill head takes just a minute or two. The machine is engineered to couple with the Blackmore power conveyor but may be operated without a conveyor, as well. 

The Ellepots Difference

Ellepots allow an abundance of oxygen around the root zones of young plants, so they root in and establish themselves faster than in conventionally filled trays. Thus, valuable greenhouse bench space is turned more quickly, keeping costs down and profits up.

Ellepots outperform other propagation systems on the market and give the grower total flexibility and control with regard to trays and media to fill the trays. Ellepots from 15mm to 120mm may be filled with the mix of your choosing and put in the tray of your choice. Buy trays pre-filled or make Ellepots on-site with your own machine.

Blackmore has a wide selection of trays specifically designed for Ellepots to help make your operation more profitable.

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