GoldBio Becomes Certified Philips LED Horti Partner

This certificate confirms the Philips GoldBio partnership.

Philips announces that Gold Biotechnology, Inc., a supplier of molecular biology research chemicals based in St. Louis, Mo., has become a certified Philips LED Horti Partner. Bart Saracino (director of marketing at GoldBio), Udo van Slooten (director of horticulture LED at Philips) and Erik Jansen (international key account manager at Philips Horticulture LED) made the relationship official by signing the partnership contract and agreement in May 2012, in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

This partnership allows GoldBio to expand its market reach beyond a base of chemical reagent users, while providing Philips with a key avenue into the research market for its LED products. GoldBio brings to the partnership a multitude of long-standing relationships with research institutions and universities that specialize in plant research and horticulture, in addition to extensive knowledge of the global research market. The goal of this partnership is to integrate Philips’ new technology into labs and growth chambers across North America.

Solid-state LED lighting offers a number of benefits to the horticulture industry, including increased yields, enabling earlier flowering, speeding up root growth/germination and enabling more economical use of space. LED lighting is also highly energy efficient, helping horticultural producers lower their electricity consumption, especially during high energy consumption periods.

Philips supports its partners in commercial projects and in field tests to find new light recipes for a wide variety crops and applications. This is possible thanks to trials made by greenhouses, researchers and Universities working together with plant physiologists from Philips. The partnership program creates a knowledge base with a worldwide network, and it allows growers and researchers to work with a certified partner in their own region who is trained in engineering, light recipes and the methodology to create the best results. This unique cooperation among growers, partners, researchers and Philips guarantees the best possible light recipes for every growth situation.

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