The Future Of Greenhouse Structures

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Gotham Greens, Location: New York City

Photo courtesy of Gotham Greens

Food And “Local” Will Bring Greenhouses To Where The People Are

“Food will play a big part in driving the future in greenhouse designs. Developments for ornamental horticulture will still be driven by naturally ventilated concepts, but if you look at where the greenhouse industry is going, I think food is going to drive the technology with sealed and fully controlled environments.

“Whole Foods and Gotham Greens 2 are currently building 20,000-square-foot greenhouses on top of Whole Foods’ newest New York City supermarket. If this works, I think other supermarkets will follow suit.

“Gotham Greens 1 has already been supplying Whole Foods stores with ultra-fresh produce. A sign in the produce department states, ‘Locally Grown by Gotham Greens 1, 2.5 miles away.’ The new Whole Foods sign might read, ‘Locally grown by Gotham Greens 2 upstairs.’ Can it be any fresher than that?”

Jeff Warschauer Vice President of Sales, Nexus Corporation

Laura Drotleff is editor of Greenhouse Grower. Richard Jones is the group editor for Meister Media Worldwide’s U.S. Horticulture Group. He was formerly an editor with Greenhouse Grower and Today's Garden Center magazines.

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