Lucas Greenhouses

City: Monroeville, N.J.


Environmentally controlled square footage: 883,896

Percentage of production space under permanent environmentally controlled structure devoted to each crop:

Ornamental bedding plants10%
Flowering potted plants67%
Container perennials2.5%
Plugs and propagation material20%

What’s the best way to describe your greenhouse operation and its role in contract growing?

We produce plant material for other growers through contracts.

How many years has your greenhouse operation served other operations as a contract grower?


What are a few of the benefits your operation reaps as a contract grower?

Better space utilization, able to maintain labor, spread overhead costs.

Percentage of sales by customer:

Independent garden centers60%
Other growers2%
Retail florists1%
Supermarket chains2%
Wholesale florists/brokers35%

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