Olson’s Greenhouse

Olson's Greenhouse

City: Salem, Utah

Owner: Bart & Yvonne Olson

Website: ogg.com

Environmentally controlled square footage: 1,186,729

Shade house square footage: 0

Field production square footage: 410,000

Number of offshore facilities: 0

Percentage of production space under permanent environmentally controlled structure devoted to each crop:

Ornamental bedding plants 60% 
Flowering potted plants  5%
Container perennials  30%
Vegetables   4%
Herbs  1%

Which stores do you serve: Home Depot, Lowe’s, Walmart, independent garden centers

Which form of U.S. immigration reform would best serve your operation?
An improved guest-worker program.

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4 comments on “Olson’s Greenhouse

  1. monica sell

    I bought a chocolate cactus at the home depot about two years ago,it was in a gallon container. Do you still have them?if so how do i purchase one. Thank you

  2. Tom Zick

    Dear Bart and Yvonne, I just purchased two of your large poinsettias at Walmart and I want you to know that they are among the most lush and beautiful plants I have ever seen and have had the good fortune to have in our home for Christmas. Please tell me how best to care for them so that they will remain healthy and beautiful through the Christmas holiday and into the new year. Thanks so much for growing such beautiful poinsettias. Sincerely, Tom Zick The Kitchen Design Studio

  3. Erlene Nielsen

    I was just shown a wonderful Tropical Hibiscus that was given to a friend and am curious as to where I can purchase one of them and also, would like some information on the different types and colors. The one I saw had foliage that was a combination of green and purple and was going to grow in a tree form. The shape of the leaves was also very different from the Hibiscus shrubs that I grow. Anything that you can send to me about them, would be gratefully appreciated. Is there anyway I can buy them from you, since no one in this area seems to carry them. Thank you, Erlene Nielsen

  4. Lyn Downing

    I need 12 poinsettia plants for centerpieces by November 9. Do you have them available? I can come to Salem and pick them up. Cost each? Thank you
    Lyn at carving4@msn.com