New Ownership At Van Veen, Southern Bulbs

New Ownership At Van Veen, Southern Bulbs


J.P. van Veen B.V., a Dutch growing operation that specializes in lilies and tulips, recently transferred ownership to Hans Kleijwegt after 40 years of operation as a family business. Kleijwegt also becomes owner of Southern Bulbs, a subsidiary company based in Chile.

Most of Kleijwegt’s experience is with flower bulbs. He was managing director of bulb company Van den Bos, yet resigned from the board of directors to dedicate himself entirely to the management of van Veen and Southern Bulbs. 

Van Veen produces cut flowers in Noorden, and contracts bulb growing out to companies in the Netherlands and France. The transfer of ownership will have no influence on the activities of Van Veen and Southern Bulbs. The names of the companies will remain unchanged after the sale, the companies will still function independently in the same fields of enterprise as before and no permanent employment positions will be lost as a result of the takeover.

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