Slideshow: Zylstra Greenhouses

Slideshow: Zylstra Greenhouses[imageviewer]

Greenhouse Grower’s last stop on the Michigan Garden Plant Tour was Zylstra Greenhouses in Kalamazoo, Mich., where new varieties from Ball Horticultural Co. and Selecta First Class were on display.

Zylstra produces everything in the Selecta line, including all 17 Trixi combo liners. In the spring, Zylstra finishes material for independent garden centers in the South. It also ships to landscapers in the Chicago market.

"Not everyone can ship to middle-of-nowhere places," says Brent Troost, head grower. "One of our greatest abilities is serving the South."

In all, Zylstra has five facilities. The Kalamazoo facility hosting Zylstra’s trial gardens is its cross-docking facility. It features state-of-the-art rolling benches that clearly make the operation one of Michigan’s most efficient.

Learn more about Zylstra Greenhouses in our photo slideshow below.

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