2016 The Ohio State University Field Trials Results

The 2016 season was relatively calm at The Ohio State University’s trial grounds. From May 15 and onward, the trials saw about 1.64 inches of rain and a normal mix of cloudy and sunny days. The average high for the month was 72°F and the average low 52°F.

June again was very seasonal with an average high of 82°F and an average low of 62°F. The trials received a large amount rain (2.59 inches) during a 24-hour period on June 23. The month of June received a total of 6 inches of rain. July was a drier month, with only 1.37 inches of rain. July temperatures were normal for the area, with an average high of 85°F and an average low of 64°F, and plenty of sunshine. August felt a bit hotter than most with an abundance of sunshine, but was close to seasonal. The average high temperature was 86°F and the average low was 64°F. Normal amounts of rain fell, with a total of 3.84 inches.

This year Ohio State University saw a slight increase of trial entries with a total of 607 entries. This is the first year OSU accepted perennial trials from any company.

Top Pollinator Varieties
All plants were subjected to four weeks of evaluations, where for one minute all of the pollinators that could visibly be seen were counted.

Portulaca Color Blast Series
Portulaca Pazzaz Series
Gaillardia Mesa Series
Gomphrena Ping Pong Series

Best In Show Perennial
Lychnis floss-cuculi ‘Petitie Jenny’

Top 10 Consumer Evaluations
Begonia ‘Whopper Experimental 1630-5T2’
‘Ping Pong Purple’
Impatiens hyb. ‘SunPatiens Coral Pink’
Impatiens hyb. ‘SunPatiens Neon Pink’
Interspecific Impatiens ‘Big Bounce Pink’
New Guinea Impatiens ‘Divine Orchid’
Vinca ‘Vitesse Pink’
Vinca ‘Valiant Punch’
Vinca ‘Vitesse Purple’
Vinca ‘Valiant Lilac’

Trial Manager Favorites
Begonia ‘Jurassic RedSplash’
Euphorbia ‘StarBlast Snow Drift’
Garvinea Gerbera Series
‘Cameo’ (middle in pic)
Ipomoea ‘Rosso’ (closest in pic)
Ipomoea ‘Verdino’ (Last on in pic)
Lantana ‘Lucky Red’
Lobularia ‘Deep Lavender Stream’
Petunia ‘Veranda Magenta’
‘Scalora Amethyst’


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