A Breeder’s Challenge

The last 25 years have seen dramatic changes for grower, retailers and the end consumer. Plants have become better performers in the garden and on the bench, with brighter, longer-lasting colors and enhanced resistance to diseases and pests.

But there’s always room for improvement, and the industry’s leading companies are continuously looking for ways to improve their products to benefit growers, retailers and, of course, the end consumer. Here’s what some of those breeders think the next 25 years will bring in terms of new varieties, and what’s on the wish lists of some of Greenhouse Grower’s readers when it comes to breeding better plants.

Developing New Poinsettias by Paul Ecke III

Bedding Plants Of The Future by Nils Klemm

Succeeding With Bedding Plants by P. Allen Hammer

Breeding At Kieft by Jeff McGraw

The Next “It” Plant by Steve Jones

Perennials For Plant People by Mary Vaananen

Benary’s Breeding Objectives by Duane Sinning

A Global Perspective On Breeding by Chanochi Zaks

Online Only: Conserving Water And Shelf Life by Layci Gragnani

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