Ball Finds Partner For Bio-Packaging Products

Ball Horticulture and Alliance 47, a French horticultural marketing firm, have partnered to develop and commercialize new bio-packaging products for the industry.

The agreement gives Ball exclusive worldwide rights to technology that will apply to a wide range of packaging products like pots, tags and point-of-purchase materials. Ball Innovations will oversee research and product development work related to the partnership.

“Our goal is for Ball to continue to lead the industry in providing practical, sustainable solutions for greenhouse growers,” says Bill Doeckel, general manager of Ball Innovations. “By working with Alliance 47 to greatly expand the range of sustainable packaging products, we hope to dramatically improve the sustainable options for our industry.”

Three substrates are now available for possible use in a variety of packaging applications as a result of the partnership. Two reduce the use of petroleum-based plastic by at least 50 percent, while the third completely eliminates it.

Earlier this week, growers and retailers got their first looks at some of Ball’s packaging products at the Pack Trials during the Ball Solutions Showcase in Santa Paula, Calif.

“The possibilities for these products in the horticulture industry are truly exciting,” says Philippe Moreau, managing director of Alliance 47. “Partnering with Ball to make these proprietary technologies available will have a positive, tangible impact on growers–and consumers–worldwide.”

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