Ball FloraPlant’s Aztec Series verbena: A Reliable Choice

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The Aztec verbena series from Ball FloraPlant is an easy, reliable choice for growers. Excellent powdery mildew tolerance means less chemical use is necessary and plants are healthier through the season. The lush, mounded, trailing plants fill in well in the center, and large, early-blooming flowers blanket the plants above dark green foliage. Uniformity across the series allows for bench-run finishing, and the great color range means lots of choice for customers. The Aztec series is a consistent standout in university trials across North America, boasting several top-notch varieties with unmatched garden performance, like multiple award-winners ‘Aztec Red Velvet’ and ‘Aztec Violet,’ new ‘Aztec White Improved’ and more.

Aztec verbena is suitable for production in 4- to 10-inch (10- to 25-cm) pots and 8- to 12-inch (20- to 30-cm) hanging baskets. It can be used in containers, baskets, landscapes and garden borders, where it reaches 8 to 10 inches (20 to 25 cm) tall. Aztec verbena cuttings are derived from culture and virus-indexed stock through the Ball Certified Plants program, so growers can be assured of vigor, health and great performance. All Ball FloraPlant products are sold in North America exclusively through Ball Seed Co.

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