Contained Beauty

Contained Beauty

‘White Wonder’ is a new caladium from Abbott-IPCO that features a beautiful strap leaf and can tolerate full sun. Makes an excellent 4- to 10-inch pot plant with or without de-eying. It is similar in stature to White Ruffles but more upright and whiter, giving it a perky appearance.

Ball Horticultural Co.
Helianthus ‘Miss Sunshine’ is a 2010 introduction that’s exclusive from Ball. This pollen free variety won’t drop messy pollen and aggravate allergies. It’s mildew tolerant and requires less plant growth regulator input. Great for indoors, it can also be used as a landscape item in Florida. ‘Miss Sunshine’ continues to bloom with secondary flowers, and can reach a height of 16 inches and width of 8 inches.

Another Ball exclusive is its double gloxinia, which is especially suited for 5- to 6-inch production and is available in five colors: red, orchid, purple, watermelon and purple speckled. They are also sleeve-able. There is no other series of doubles like this on the market and it is great for small pot production.

The new bellis Speedstar series offers beauty, vigor and increased uses for multiple seasons. Unlike traditional bellis, the Speedstar series can be produced for both fall and spring sales windows. This versatility, along with a compact habit and leaf size makes Speedstar a wonderful companion to pansies for fall and spring production. This series is made up of colors Carmine, Rose and White.

Florist De Kwakel
Named after national parks in the United States (like Mammoth Cave, pictured), the Landscape Gerbera series covers seven Gerbera pot varieties in several colors. The unique product characteristics of this product line are that every variety is suitable for inside and outside patio use. Each variety has been selected for its abundant flowering from spring until autumn and the flowers really keep coming back every time.

Magic, a yellow F1 dwarf ranunculus is an excellent addition to your stock to jumpstart early spring sales. Sow this plant before October and it will bulk naturally under short days. A natural dwarf, Magic does not require PGRs. It works well with containers sized 4 inches and up, growing to a max height of 8 inches and width of 6 inches.

Orion, a F1 Primula Acaulis, comes in two new colors: Rose Frost and Violet. This variety flowers mid-season for late December through March sales. Thanks to high seed quality, the plants are compact and display uniform timing. Orion exhibits large, long-lasting flowers and plenty of buds. It’s height and width are 5 to 6 inches, and ideal for jumbo containers and larger.

Greenheart Farms
The Pico Series of tropical hibiscuses were developed for 4-inch potted plant production. Pico hibiscuses flower heavily and have blooms comparable in size to varieties bred for larger pots. Suitable for 5-, 6-, 8-, 10-inch production. Pico hibiscuses are perfect for spring and summer sales.

Ivy Garth
‘Peppa Purple-Tangerine’ is a new ornamental pepper that’s compact, well branched and 10 inches tall. With very long lasting color display and shelf life, it has deep green foliage and is ideal for 4- to 5-inch pots. This capsicum has a short 14-week crop time and reliable germination over 90 percent. Its lustrous color scheme makes it ideal for holiday gifts.

Black is back with the Mystic Series dahlias from Dr. Keith Hammet in New Zealand. Plants feature a profusion of large, bold, long lasting flowers on solid black stems with black centers. The striking contrast of flower color against the darkest foliage on the market will stand out in any home as a container or cut flower. This plant has excellent vase life and comes in scarlet, pink, gold and apricot.

Plant Haven’s Euphorbia martinii Rudolph, Rudolph’s red nose lights Santa’s way during the holiday season as blue-green foliage develops unique rosettes of bright red bracts. An alternative to the overly common poinsettia, this indoor holiday plant can be put outdoors when finished and perennialized in the garden, bursting into bloom with olive-green flowers in spring.

Royal Van Zanten
The Crown aster series has a sister: the Tiara series. The Tiara varieties are especially created for the customers who grow plants in packs. They are naturally compact and well suited to be grown outside. New this year are the light blue Azure and the dark blue Indigo.

Schoneveld Twello
After intensive testing among a number of top quality growers, Super Series ‘Da Vinci’ F1, a silver-leaved series is now ready for introduction. The ‘Da Vinci’ has all of the characteristics that you can rightly expect from a Super Series; a round plant structure, thick and strong flower stems and long-lasting, abundant flowering. Available in 6 colors.

The silver-leaved Super Series ‘Picasso’ F1 is based on the existing Super Series ‘Mini Winter’ F1 and has the same genetic characteristics, such as a more open plant structure, which means that this series also does well in more humid conditions. The Super Series ‘Picasso’ F1 is exceptionally suited for outdoor use and forms a good combination with the existing Super Series ‘Mini Winter’ F1 cultivar. Currently available in 7 colors.

The Super Series ‘Allure’ F1 is an entirely new series in our assortment. It fits perfect in the medium plant segment with medium-sized flowers and a compact plant structure. We developed this series particularly for growing in warm seasons and smaller pot sizes. The Super Series ‘Allure’ F1 combines faster flowering (7-10 days earlier than a Super Series ‘Macro’ F1) with high quality, such as thick and strong flower stems and uniform rich flowering. Available in 9 colors.

Selecta First Class
The SuperTrouper series is an excellent pot and garden plant. This potted carnation series comes in a large color range and is nicely scented. They are evergreen perennials and hardy to frost. Plant them in well-drained soil.

Syngenta Flowers
Venezia cineraria from Syngenta Flowers doesn’t require vernalization making it economical to grow. The uniform flowering facilitates easy production scheduling. Venezia combines earliness, a great habit and broad color range making it the ideal cineraria series. This series offers two new colors: Victoria and Delft Blue with Ring. Victoria is the fringed, burgundy-edged addition to the Delma cyclamen series from Syngenta Flowers. This novelty cyclamen offers the perfect habit and flower size for 4.5 to 6 inch pots.

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  1. I love flowers ,
    I need to learn more on the best seeds ,especially the Vinca F1 the short trees, Will some one help me or direct me to the best source of info and seeds
    Thanks to all

  2. I have just bought my first cineraria plant. When the flower dies, do I cut the stem, and if I do, how much of the stem do I cut.

    Thank you.
    I will be waiting for an answer.

  3. Hello, I really hope you can help me, I received a “primula acaulis” (thats all it said on the tag) as a gift and I have had it for over a year now. I have kept it in the same little green container its whole life. Until recently it has been very healthy-even giving me new flowers. The last few weeks it has been looking very dry around the edges and stays very small, I was wondering if I need to re pot it or do something different-I dont want it to die! What could be going wrong? I hope someone gets this, Thank you so much.

  4. I love flowers ,
    I need to learn more on the best seeds ,especially the Vinca F1 the short trees, Will some one help me or direct me to the best source of info and seeds
    Thanks to all

  5. I have just bought my first cineraria plant. When the flower dies, do I cut the stem, and if I do, how much of the stem do I cut.

    Thank you.
    I will be waiting for an answer.

  6. Hello, I really hope you can help me, I received a “primula acaulis” (thats all it said on the tag) as a gift and I have had it for over a year now. I have kept it in the same little green container its whole life. Until recently it has been very healthy-even giving me new flowers. The last few weeks it has been looking very dry around the edges and stays very small, I was wondering if I need to re pot it or do something different-I dont want it to die! What could be going wrong? I hope someone gets this, Thank you so much.

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