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Providing beautiful, ready-made combination planters at retail for today’s busy consumer has never been easier and more cost effective. Ecke Ranch takes the hassle out of ordering separate components to create your combos. Simply place your order by combo name and provide the retail ship week. In addition to bundling the order by combo, your pricing is bundled as well and offers significant cost savings.

Our research team has designed “garden in a pot” that gives consumers instant satisfaction while creating beautiful, long-lasting containers that have just the right amount of cuttings. Use Ecke’s recipes as guidelines and change colors in the series to appeal to different tastes.

Combinations By Region

Not only has Ecke provided ready-made combos, but it’s highlighting the top-selling combinations in each region.

Northwest - Spring Fling. This is a beautiful combination displaying Ecke’s zonal geranium PAC ‘Patriot Salmon Chic,’ interspecific geranium ‘Sonata Salmon’ and viola ‘Velocity Baby Blue.’ Our Velocity violas make a great companion as they come in several color choices and are ideal for early spring and cold-grown containers. The mounding habit will hold its shape and form nicely in the container. Crop time is 14 weeks.

Northeast - Stars and Stripes Forever. This is a stunning combination featuring three of Ecke’s best geraniums: zonal geranium ‘Patriot Bright Red,’ zonal geranium ‘Candy White’ and ivy geranium ‘Global Innovations Stars and Stripes.’ This combination works well in part shade or sunny climates. Crop time is 14 to 15 weeks.

Southwest - Apricot Treat. This is an eye-catching combination highlighting gaura ‘Papillon Pink,’ zonal geranium ‘Maestro White’ and begonia ‘Solenia Apricot.’ This combination works well in 12- to 16-inch patio pots and will thrive in sunny climates. Crop time is 15 weeks.

Southeast - Coral Blaze. This combination packs a punch, featuring Ecke’s brocade geranium ‘Indian Dunes’ and ‘SunPatiens Compact Coral.’ Ecke’s SunPatiens lines add diversity and uniqueness to combinations, as there are multiple colors and three series to choose from. Crop time is 12 to 14 weeks.
As of this year, Ecke has introduced 13 combos in its Flower Field and Oglevee lines. Ecke has also created eight stunning poinsettia combinations. For reference, you can find all of Ecke’s combinations listed in its catalogs or online at, where ingredients, crop time and cultural tips and information can be found.

To order Ecke’s combos, contact customer service or place an order online at Order minimums are one combination pack, which includes single sets of 100 combinations.

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