Ecke Rebuilding Encinitas Facility

Ecke Rebuilding Encinitas Facility

Ecke Ranch has initiated the second phase of renovations to its Encinitas, Calif., greenhouse facilities dedicated to breeding and research, which allow for specialized, climate-controlled production for gene pool, breeding, product trials and evaluation.

“This undertaking is the first substantial investment to the Encinitas facilities in 25 years,” says Paul Ecke, CEO and owner of Ecke Ranch. “We are expanding in both Guatemala and Encinitas at the same time. We feel the time is right to move forward and make these commitments to our future. Much of the Encinitas facility was built for high-volume, stock plant production and propagation. These products are now produced offshore or with our partners. We really needed to have a facility that matches our company needs today, which is why we are making the modifications in Encinitas.”


Adds Steve Rinehart, chief operating officer: “Our product development team loves the updated greenhouses. They can more precisely evaluate product under conditions consistent with those of our customers.”

The renewed facilities will provide for more efficient operations, allowing for substantial savings on heating costs. The first phase of the renovation project was completed midway through last year. The facility now houses breeder trials, product development and gene pool for non-poinsettias. The Ecke Ranch plans to continue to transition older, inefficient production greenhouses to this new standard over time.

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