Growing Succulents Never Goes Out Of Style, Here’s Why

Succulents are all the rage these days, filling Pinterest pages and showing up in every type of container imaginable. They are increasingly popular in the blogosphere and for do-it-yourself projects. Learn why these tough, low-maintenance plants are a hit with consumers and deserve a place in your greenhouse, then check out the slideshow for the latest in succulent trends.

They Are The Perfect Fit For Sustainable Landscapes

Succulents play a vital role in sustainable landscapes because they are durable, low maintenance, and water wise. North Creek Nurseries realized a substantial increase in sales from offering plants like sedum to landscapers for green infrastructure projects, green roofs, and green walls. Etera, a division of Northwest Horticulture, has seen good sell-through of its sedum tiles for green roofs and sustainable landscape projects in both commercial and retail markets.

There Isn’t A Container They Can’t Fill

From rusty buckets and baby shoes to glass bulbs and the tiniest of clay pots, it is difficult to find a container succulents can’t dress up. Pair them with miniature plants and you have a trendy take-it-with-you garden. EuroAmerican Propagator’s 2015 California Spring Trials display was a good example of how to do this effectively. The company featured a display of tiny gardens in reclaimed containers, which were filled with a mix of miniature plants and varieties from its Savvy Succulents line.

They Have Water Conservation Figured Out

Succulents make the most of every bit of water they get, which is a big draw for water conscious consumers. Armstrong Growers in California offers a collection of sedums, agaves, and other perennials and annuals that add beauty to the garden while also being water wise. Altman Plants, also California-based, carries a line of drought tolerant shrubs, cacti, and succulents through its Smart Planet brand. The company recently opened an online cactus and succulent store offering a wide variety of succulents.

They Are A Decorator’s Dream

With their structural and textural interest, succulents lend themselves well to decorating. Brides are using them in their weddings and giving them away as thank-you gifts. Decorators like the modern touch they add to the home. Metrolina Greenhouses is taking advantage of this trend by offering succulents in frames, while Rocket Farms sells ready-made deco items including succulent dish gardens and wreaths. Bell Nursery offers novelty items through The Home Depot like painted succulents and succulents in glass balls for mini-terrariums or Christmas decorations.

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