Hem Gets Short With Annuals

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Hem Gets Short With Annuals

While vegetative annuals are capturing most of the attention at many of the global breeding companies, Hem Genetics is very focused in its seed breeding activities with a mission to offer growers high-performing plants that don’t require chemical plant growth regulation. In some European countries, PGR use is highly restricted. Two examples are the Mambo multiflora petunia series and Limbo grandiflora petunia series, which adds two new colors–Pink Morn and Salmon Morn. Scheduled for 2012 is the Nano naturally dwarf geranium series in five colors–Scarlet, Red, Salmon, Appleblossom and Pink.

Hem also specializes in dianthus and offers five different series which are interspecific crosses, chinensis and double-flowered chinensis types. The dazzling new chinensis is ‘Diana Lavender Picotee,’ which is capturing attention for its cool color tones and striking pattern. Pink is new in the Chiba interspecific series.

One Hem breakthrough is the first dwarf double-flowered snapdragon series, Twinny, with Rose as a new color. Peach is an All-America Selections winner and was a finalist for our Editor’s Choice award when it was introduced.

Hem also doubled the number of colors in its Corina viola series with eight new colors. Twilight features that yesterday-today-tomorrow color-changing pattern, in which flowers start out white but turn periwinkle blue as they age.

Delilah Onofrey directs Flower Power Marketing for the Suntory Collection. She can be reached at donofrey@gmail.com

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