Dömmen Pitching In For Potunia GreenPack

Dömmen Pitching In For Potunia GreenPack

Dömmen will share half the cost of its new Potunia GreenPack six-pack with growers who choose to produce Potunias in the new pack.

“Dömmen believes very strongly in the future commercial success of the Potunia GreenPack and wants to demonstrate that confidence by helping growers grow the product the first time with less financial risk,” says Perry Wismans, Dömmen’s chief business development officer.

The GreenPack 306 pack is an eye-catching “Potunia Green” color, and its colorful handle showcases five key Red Fox Potunia petunia varieties, all of which are recommended for the GreenPack program. The five varieties are Potunia Neon, Dark Red, Deep Purple, Pink and Yellow.

The GreenPack is available through Summit Plastics/Janot Pot, as are Dömmen’s other branded pots. Growers with interest in the program can contact their Dömmen representative, call 614-850-9551 or e-mail info@dummenusa.com.

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