Plant Development Services, Inc. Liner Program Combines Encore Azalea And Southern Living Plant Collection

Plant Development Services Inc. is now taking orders for its liner program for spring delivery. The liner program combines Encore Azalea and the Southern Living Plant Collection to allow new growers to participate in both programs.

In the past, only licensed grower group members were able to participate in purchasing liners and finishing these varieties for sale. This new program has resulted in a wider range of consumers, distribution networks and plant varieties at retail.

Director of Plant Development Services Inc. Kip McConnell says the line program has boosted the presence of both brands in the marketplace.

“We believe through our continued endeavors the liner program will make both Encore Azalea and the Southern Living Plant Collection front runners in the industry,” McConnell says.

Small growers and industry retailers have had many opportunities to strengthen their product offerings through the liner program. It has also allowed supply and demand to run smoothly by providing a way for supply to flow freely into channels the existing networks were unable to satisfy.

“The liner program has attracted many new growers,” McConnell says. “We
have gained large nursery operations, regional nursery operators and retail greenhouse growers. These new growers truly recognize the brand power and the financial opportunity the liner program offers.”

New out-­‐of-­‐network growers will purchase tags and containers and pay a program fee at the time of the purchase. Only members of the licensed grower groups will be allowed to propogate. For more information or to purchase liners, visit or call 888-922-7374.

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