Sakata Expands Line Of Home Grown Vegetables

Sakata Home Grown announced an expanded selection of more than 150 vegetable varieties, including 15 new offerings added within the last year. The collection features vegetables from 33 crop classes that include all seasons, thriving in cool, warm and hot weather. 

Tivoli spaghetti squash, Sweet treats, a pink cherry tomato with bite-size fruit, and the extra spicy Jalafuego jalapeno pepper are three options now available among the likes of okra, carrots, Swiss chard and the popular Tasty Green cucumber.

“With a worldwide team of breeders and product managers, plus nearly 100 years of vegetable know-how under our belts, Home Grown customers can be assured our expanded lineup will more than meet their needs,” says Sakata Home Grown sales manager Heather Kibble.

The line-up, which was selected to be easy to grow, allows avid green thumbs to produce vegetables on their porch in pots or in a backyard garden.

All vegetable possibilities are featured in the new Home Grown catalog with photos, descriptions and suggestions for how to best use the plant in a particular market. Healthy hints throughout the catalog also help reinforce facts about vegetable nutrition, cooking and storage.

For a free copy of the new Sakata Home Grown catalog or distributor list, send a name and address to, or visit to download a PDF.

For tips on getting started with vegetable gardening, Kibble suggests visiting the National Gardening Bureau’s website. As a committee member, Kibble says the organization exists to assist those new to growing.

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