Strength And Beauty

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Strength And Beauty

As you know, vinca has been one of the most popular bedding plants around. However, its popularity has suffered due to its susceptibility in the landscape and the greenhouse to aerial Phytophthora. Realizing this weakness in the plant, Goldsmith Seeds set out on an almost twenty year breeding program to come up with a series of seed vinca that would be resistant to this devastating disease. The result of this effort was the introduction of Coraâ„¢ vinca, the only vinca series from seed with patented disease resistance to aerial Phytophthora.

This breeding breakthrough will not only benefit growers who have suffered from losses while finishing their crops, but will especially benefit homeowners and landscapers who have planted beautiful vinca plants only to see them perish in the garden during adverse weather conditions.

Benefits of Cora vinca include:

- Patented disease resistance to aerial Phytophthora*

- F1 hybrid vigor

- A real heat lover that thrives under humid or dry conditions

- Large flowers

- Six beautiful colors, including white, apricot, burgundy, lavender, deep lavender and violet, plus more on the way

- Excellent seed quality that you expect from Goldsmith Seeds (no more double sowing of vinca)

Cultural Notes:

Media: Well-drained peat-lite
pH: 5.3-5.8
Germination: Radicle emergence at eight to nine days, 75°F to 78°F (24°C to 25°C) (lower temperatures will inhibit germination); maintain EC levels less than 1.0
After transplant: Maintain pH at 5.3 to 5.8 to avoid iron chlorosis; EC levels 1.2 to 1.5
Fertilization: High light, 17-5-17 at 100 to 150 ppm N; Low light, 14-4-14 at 100 to 150 ppm; constant feed promotes the largest blooms. If needed, B-Nine at 2500 or A-Rest at 3 to 5 ppm as foliar sprays may be used to control growth and tone the plants

 *U.S. utility patent numbers 5,491,285 and 6,166,306

Cora vinca is already proving its ability to withstand even the worst weather conditions. At an independent university trial in Dallas, Texas, this past spring, Cora was planted along with several other F1 hybrid and open-pollinated commercial vinca seed varieties, as well as with vegetative Nirvanaâ„¢ vinca (also bred by Goldsmith), which carries the same patented disease resistant gene. All the vinca were doing fine until record breaking rains hit in June. Within days, disease set in on all the vinca except Cora and Nirvana. Unlike the other varieties (which eventually died), Cora and Nirvana not only survived, but thrived.

Cora vinca is recommended for 4-inch pots and larger, and is perfect for premium products such as quarts and gallons. It’s also a true breakthrough for landscapers who have stopped planting vinca due to its susceptibility to aerial Phytophthora. Growers now have the opportunity to educate their landscape and retail customers of the benefits of Cora vinca to increase profits for all.

Don Snow is technical manager for Goldsmith Seeds. For further information, contact him at 800-549-0158, by e-mail at or visit

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