Syngenta Signs Expanded Research Agreement

Syngenta has agreed to a multi-year agreement for biochemical profiling technology with Metabolon as a means to enhance the Syngenta technical tool kit for its seeds research programs. The agreement will support Syngenta researchers’ understanding of plant response to environmental conditions and decisions on crop traits earlier in the development cycle.

Metabolon is a diagnostic products and services company that offers a biochemical profiling platform. Its platform provides a global analysis of complex biological samples for the discovery of markers and pathways associated with drug action and disease.

This differentiated approach enables the identification of biomarkers useful for the development of a wide range of diagnostics, and it provides insight into complex biochemical processes such as drug action, toxicology and bioprocess optimization.

“Biochemical profiling is becoming an important part of Syngenta’s focused program to apply the full range of cutting-edge science to supply solutions for growers,” says Roger Kemble, head of Syngenta crop genetics research. “Metabolon’s technology will enable Syngenta’s insights to the performance of our products as we focus in bringing the next generations of seed science across native traits and GM paths to unlock crop productivity.”

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