Allan’s Picks From Greenheart And Dummen

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Allan's Picks From Greenheart And Dummen


Micro Miniature roses:  Bill DeVor, the rose grower at Greenheart, showed us the new wave of roses coming down the pipe and he discussed some good ideas.  The micro miniatures were the most interesting to me in that they are being selected as an “annual” rose.  That is, a small rose that can be planted with other sun loving bedding plants, watered overhead at 2:00 am and abused like a begonia or petunia, and not get foliar diseases or otherwise fall apart.   If they can stand bedding plant abuse and the flowers and foliage remain at least as healthy and ornamental as the plants around them, then why not have a bedding rose.   Time will tell, I look forward to trying them out.


Magnum New Guinea impatiens:  It is hard to have a series of impatiens stand out from the bazillions of impatiens already out there.  The Magnum series of New Guineas might be the one to do so.  The flowers are colossal, easily measuring 4 inches across.  The dark lustrous foliage is handsome and the colors are outstanding.  My favorites happen to be ‘Magnum Peach’ and ‘Magnum Salmon’, but all 6 colors work well.

Petunia ‘Potunia Papaya': The potunia series has been well embraced by the garden and landscape community and the growers have responded by growing good numbers.   I have always enjoyed the mounding habit and the large number of flowers but ‘Potunia Papaya’ has outdone itself with the wonderful color and enough flowers to totally hide the foliage.  If it works well in performance trials, this is a keeper.  

Confetti baskets:  The Confetti concept was launched in a big way last year and we gushed about the concept then.  Today it has been more refined and all sorts of wonderful combinations are now available.  Combinations of soft pastels to deep colors, petunias, callibrachoa, bacopa and verbena, among others, have been incorporated into combinations that should appeal to all gardeners.  My favorite is Water`Colors, however, I am a guy, and we never chose right.  Ask your wife or sister, there is plenty from which to choose.

Allan Armitage was a professor in the Department of Horticulture at the University of Georgia for 30 years. He recently retired and remains an active consultant, author and lecturer.

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