New Varieties Guide 2009: GroLink

New Varieties Guide 2009: GroLink


GroLink continues to expand in underserved niches while also building its mainstay business in mums. Fourteen new varieties will join the Belgian mums line after being tested at seven locations. While garden mums continue to be a fall crop, GroLink is looking for ways to expand potential for spring plantings that would rebloom when cut back.

One big introduction is a pair of euphorbias to compete with ‘Diamond Frost’ called ‘Hip Hop’ and ‘White Manaus.’ ‘Hip Hop’ is more dense and floriferous than ‘White Manaus.’ The competitive advantage is a reduced royalty rate.

An interesting tropical that attracts butterflies and hummingbirds is justicia. Colorful petals radiate out of a pinecone-like base.
Two new exhibitors were OHP conducting plant growth regulators on niche annuals, like graptophylum, and Happiness Farms, which produces Fancy Leaf Caladiums in Lake Placid, Fla. The company grows more than 50 varieties over 400 acres.

–Ajuga ‘Black Scallop’
–Begonias ‘Souble Mini Red Wing’ and ‘Mini Red Wing’
–Calocephalus ‘Silver Medal’
–Crossandra ‘Mona Wallhead’
–Euphorbias ‘Hip Hop’ and ‘White Manaus’
–Gaillardia ‘Fanfare’
–Hebe ‘Pink Angel’
–Justicias ‘Holanda,’ ‘White’
–Scutellarias in five colors
–Silver helichrysums
–Verbena ‘Homestead Red’
–Four new lantanas
–14 new coleus varieties
–14 new Belgian mums

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