New Varieties Guide 2009: Syngenta Flowers

New Varieties Guide 2009: Syngenta Flowers

New Varieties Guide 2009: Syngenta Flowers

Editor’s Note: The New Varieties Guide printed as part of our June issue mistakenly omitted Syngenta Flower’s seed new varieties. That information is included here.


Syngenta Flowers

Astounded by market response to rooted combo liners, like Dömmen and Selecta have been offering, Syngenta has trialed its extensive genetics to see which ones will work best as Kwik Kombos liners. “We didn’t realize the box store growers would embrace this, but there has been tremendous response,” says Syngenta Flowers’ Harvey Lang. “They want to simplify combo plantings. Problems occur when cuttings don’t arrive together for sticking crews. Growers are willing to pay more up front for the input because it will pay off later.

Syngenta also is positioning its new geraniums that are ivy-zonal crosses as hybrid geraniums to consumers and the trade. The goal is to position them as a whole new class. Last year’s big hit was ‘Calliope Red,’ which looks and behaves more like a zonal and is a red unmatched in zonal geraniums. Home Depot is calling it “Big Red” this spring. Scarlet Fire is a new color in the series. The Calientes look and behave more like ivy geraniums, have dark leaves and single flowers. New colors include: Orange, Hot Coral and Pink.

Other introductions include the dwarf Bandito lantanas, lobelia ‘Techno Heat White’ and Picnic mini petunias. This was the first year Syngenta showed mum and aster lines acquired from Yoder Brothers.

–Bandana lantanas–White and Lemon Zest
–Bandito lantanas–Red and Rose
–Caliente geraniums–Pink, Hot Coral and Orange
–Geranium ‘Calliope Scarlet Fire’
–Goldalia dahlias–Orange, Rose Bicolor and Yellow
–Picnic mini petunias–four colors
–Sanvitalia ‘Cuzco Yellow’
–Scaevola ‘Bombay Dark Blue’
–Tradewinds osteospermums–Pearl, Terracotta, Yellow and Trailing White

–Cineraria Venezia Delft Blue w/ Ring
–Cyclamen Concerto Salmon Flame
–Cyclamen Delma Victoria
–Dianthus Elation Coral
–Impatiens Jambalaya White, Creole Mix
–Pansy Colossus–Tricolor, White w/ Purple Wing, Lemon Shades, Lavender Medley, Pure Rose, Rose Medley
–Pansy Delta–Premium Marina, Premium Primrose w/ Blotch, Premium Violet and White
–Petunia Bravo Plum
–Snapdragon Arrow Orange, Formula Mix
–Vinca Sunstorm Light Blue

–Heuchera sanguine Coral Forest
–Heuchera Americana Marvelous Marble
–Primula rosea Rosy
–Primula denticulate Confetti–Deep Rose, Blue and White
–Pulsatilla vulgaris Pinwheel–Dark Red Shades, Violet Blue Shades, White