Taking Mums In A New Direction

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Taking Mums In A New Direction

Syngenta wants to give Yoder mums a contemporary spin, and it’s introducing retail programs like Mum Mania and Daisy Delights to capture the attention of younger consumers. Syngenta is also working with John Henry Company on containers, labels and signage that match each mum’s color and style.

“We’ve been looking for different ways to add excitement to pot mums,” says Liz Hunt, a Syngenta Flowers product manager. “We’ve been working on coming up with bi-colors and different flower forms, and we’ve looked at different ways to combine flower forms and colors to create a different presentation at retail.”

Syngenta also has new tools for growers to make production easier, as well.

“Our new garden mum catalog features a lot of great tools for sales reps and growers to put together programs–a spring program or a natural-season program, for example,” Hunt adds. “We’re just trying to simplify things.”

Kevin Yanik is the former managing editor of Greenhouse Grower.

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