Syngenta Checks in on Poinsettia Production

Syngenta Know Before You Grow Poinsettia productionTechnical experts Karl Trellinger of Syngenta Flowers and Nancy Rechcigl of Syngenta Crop Protection will be presenting a webinar on Tuesday, Sept. 1, on “Poinsettias: A Midseason Grower Check In.” This webinar will be focused on professional tips for greenhouse growers finishing poinsettias, including common cultural blunders like fertility, pest and disease controls, and more.

The webinar is one of many in the new series of Know Before You Grow technical webinars, hosted by Syngenta Flowers and Syngenta Crop Protection and designed to provide growers and brokers in the greenhouse trade with short, focused discussion on pertinent topics, ending with a question and answer period for attendees.


Syngenta’s Know Before You Grow series of webinars and events aim to bring experts together to offer synergy between genetics and controls. The series was developed to cover cultural topics and crop details to help growers successfully navigate the complexities of technical greenhouse topics.

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