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Soiree Kawaii Catharanthus

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Looking for heat-loving annuals? Soiree Kawaii catharanthus from Suntory Flowers are tiny, but terrific!

These little dynamos thrive in the harshest Southern conditions, while also looking great all summer up North. The word, “kawaii,” means cute in Japanese, describing the flower size and shape. Think of these varieties as vinca’s cute little sister!

Advantages include an amazingly compact habit with superior branching, producing more flowers on shorter internodes in small pots. No pinching is needed. Attractive glossy foliage compliments the profusion of blooms, creating tidy mounds of color.

Choose from six Soiree Kawaii colors to mix and match with other heat lovers in beds and containers – White Peppermint, Pink, Coral, Red Shades, Lavender and Light Purple.

Soiree has caught on with major growers in the South, most notably Florida and Texas. But the word is spreading as growers, retailers and landscapers have seen the performance at garden trials throughout the country.

Production Tips for Growers:

  1. Don’t start Soiree Kawaii too early in the season.
    If temperatures are cool, it will be a struggle. Northern growers should produce as a summer crop transplanting no sooner than week 12. Winter is too soon for the South. Transplanting prior to week 7 in the Southern climates is a struggle to get them going, but once the weather breaks- so do they! Position this crop for a true season extender in the hot This is where it will really stand out and sure to impress.
  2. Keep Soiree Kawaii plants warm and dry in a sunny environment.
    Keep temperatures, most importantly soil temperatures, warm; above 70°F during the day and above 65°F at night. Soiree Kawaii plants will stop growing if temperatures dip below 53°F for consecutive days and then they start to rot. It is best to wait for warmer temperatures to produce Soiree Kawaii. These babies really get going after Mother’s Day in the true summer months!
  3. Make sure liners are mature before transplanting into pots.
    Wait until roots spread outside to the edge in the liner stage. While roots develop in 14-21 days with bottom heating, a mature liner takes 40-45 days. Six weeks from stick to transplant is ideal.

Recommended planting/scheduling

4-inch pots, one liner, 6-8 weeks
6-inch pots, 2-3 liners, 10-12 weeks
Allow 40-45 days for rooting.

For more information about Soiree Kawaii, download the product and culture guide:

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