6 Tag And Label Products That Add Value To Greenhouse Products

6 Tag And Label Products That Add Value To Greenhouse Products

Tags and labels today need to add more than just visual appeal. They carry helpful information that can educate and inspire the consumer, adding value to your products.

Check out these six new options in tag and label technology.


Horticultural Label Applicators (Gold Seal)Horticultural Label Applicators (Gold Seal)

Gold Seal Horticultural Label Applicators are custom-engineered for growers of potted plants. The heavy-duty GS-80 applicator features no operator adjustment, sealed stepper-motor drive, enclosed electrical, photoelectric sensing, wipe-on strip-edge label application and a variety of helpful options.

Raymond Evison Clematis Packaging (HIP Labels)Raymond Evison Clematis Packaging (HIP Labels)

HIP Labels partnered with Raymond Evison Clematis to increase the visibility of its North American Clematis program through the use of innovative plant packaging.

Colorful tags and matching pot wraps draw immediate attention to the product while providing ample room for easy to understand growing instructions and drawings for each Clematis type on the back side of the pot wrap.

Eye-catching coordinated POP material rounds out the overall consumer appeal.

Tri-Pot Carrier (MasterTag)Tri-Pot Carrier (MasterTag)

Consumers want finished products, not raw material. We as an industry have an opportunity to give them what they want by providing convenience, solutions and inspiration.

MasterTag’s Tri-Pot Carrier is a retail-ready package. By combining common plants, you can create something new. Themed collections add value and create entirely new products.

CLNX Nursery Label Printers (United Label and SATO)

CLNX Nursery Label Printers (United Label and SATO)

SATO’s state-of-the-art CLNX nursery label printers (4-inch and 6.5-inch print widths) offer high-volume printing for a low price. It features a large LCD screen for how-to video guidance and free online training videos to reference. Ethernet, Bluetooth and USB ports are standard and it is RFID capable.

The CLNX nursery label printer prints reliably on all categories of materials: slip-on tags, pot tags, labels and signs. It recognizes Datamax and Zebra languages and accepts their ribbons.

Thermal Pot Tags And Slip-On Tags (United Label And SATO)Thermal Pot Tags And Slip-On Tags (United Label And SATO)

Thermal Pot Tags are made from 23-mil heavy plastic and developed for extended outdoor exposure. The tags are available in nine colors. Newly added perforations between the tags on a roll make separating tags easier.

Thermal Slip-On Tags are also developed for extended outdoor exposure and are available in 12 colors. The tags now come with a microperf tear-off tab.

On-Demand Inventory (MPS:John Henry)On-Demand Inventory (MPS/John Henry)

John Henry’s expanded on-demand inventory program features thousands of tag shapes, sizes and varietal combinations for your everyday needs. It provides a solution for last-minute inventory changes and demands: more off-the-shelf and print-and-ship tags for all your collections. This year, MPS has grown its stake and perennial collections, and debuted a new print-and-ship nursery tag program, giving greater flexibility during the growing and selling seasons.