California Conference On Water Recycling & Treatment

California Conference On Water Recycling & Treatment

A late-January conference at the Center For Applied Horticultural Research in Vista, Calif., will focus on water quality and treatment options for greenhouses and nurseries, with an emphasis on solutions for disease, algae, salt and other nutritional problems.

Regional and national university and industry experts will help growers decide on the best water treatment technologies for their locations in terms of both technical (efficacy, safety, target levels) and financial (installation and operation costs) aspects.


Registration is $250 per person before January 14 and $295 after. Space is limited. Registration fees provide all conference activities, including Thursday conferences, Friday tours, continental breakfasts and lunches on both days – and a dinner on Thursday evening.

Also provided are the publications “Water Treatment for Pathogens and Algae” edited by Paul Fisher and “Greenhouse and Nursery Management Practices to Protect Water Quality” edited by Julie Newman.

CEUs requested: CA DPR, CCA, CCN Pro, Central Coast and Los Angeles Water Boards Ag Waiver.

Growers can register online here.