CLARIFICATION: No-Match Social Security Rule

CLARIFICATION: No-Match Social Security Rule

University of California farm labor specialist Gregorio Billikopf Encina addresses a grower’s concern following last week’s Benchrunner.

The grower wrote:


It’s interesting that Billikopf suggests rehiring the same person under a different name. But in reading the CAFR, it seems that this would be construted as constructive knowledge, which ultimately means I’m going to jail. No thanks!

I do agree that the idea of enforcement at the employer level only is messed up. With labor shortages looming, we are always looking for ways to replace people with machinery.

The response from Gregorio:

I was suggesting that fly-by-night, low-key, low-visibility employers would be able to get away with "hiring a new person," while reputable employers with loyal work forces would pay the biggest price in this bad deal of a deal. I do not mean that all farm labor contractors fall into the fly-by-night category, of course. Please extend my true meaning and concerns to this grower.

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