Pageant Fungicide From BASF Is Expedited Disease Control

Pageant Fungicide From BASF Is Expedited Disease Control

Pageant Fungicide From BASF Is Expedited Disease Control

Growers are always looking for ways to produce healthier plants and improve profitability. BASF Professional Turf & Ornamentals is helping growers meet both goals with Pageant fungicide, a combination of two fast-acting active ingredients: boscalid and pyraclostrobin.


When used as directed, Pageant provides effective broad spectrum control on key diseases, including anthracnose, downy mildews, powdery mildews, rusts, scabs, blights (botrytis and monilinia) and crown and basal rots (rhizoctonia, fusarium and cylindrocladium). Its formula starts working within minutes of application, inhibiting fungal respiration at two separate sites within the mitochondria of fungal pathogens. In effect, it creates a “double lockdown” on the respiration and energy flow within targeted fungi.

For additional value from a single application, Pageant can be tank mixed with most recommended fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, liquid fertilizers, biological control products, adjuvants and additives. Adjuvants may improve the performance of Pageant under certain conditions, but not all combinations of plants and tank mixes have been tested. Before tank mixing, test the combination on a small portion of the plant to be treated to ensure no phytotoxic response occurs. Generally, if the adjuvant or additive doesn’t cause phytotoxicity, the addition of Pageant will not. But be sure to test first, as not all plants are equal and there may be cultivar sensitivities.

Pageant, available in a 1-pound or 12-pound packaging, is labeled for use in greenhouses, outdoor nurseries, lathhouses and shadehouses, forest and conifer nurseries and plantations, golf courses, residential and commercial landscapes, retail nurseries, interiorscapes and containers (bench, flats, plugs and pots).

For additional information regarding Pageant fungicide, read the product label or visit Always read and follow the label instructions.

Attending OFA?

For growers attending the 2011 OFA Short Course July 9-12 in Columbus, Ohio, stop by the BASF Professional Turf & Ornamentals booth, No. 1759, for a chance to win up to $500 cash by playing Pile On The Cash, an in-booth trivia game.

The Pile On The Cash trivia game will be hosted in the BASF booth Sunday, July 10, at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., and Monday, July 11, at 10 a.m. OFA attendees are encouraged to come to the BASF booth before game rounds, as participants will be chosen from the crowd at random.

BASF is also hosting a special media round of Pile On The Cash Monday, July 11, at 2 p.m. Four industry editors, including Greenhouse Grower’s Delilah Onofrey, are playing to raise funds for their favorite charities. Stop by the booth to cheer them on.

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