Schoneveld Breeding Named 2014 International Grower Of The Year

Schoneveld Breeding Named 2014 International Grower Of The Year

International Grower of the Year

An international jury of sector experts named Schoneveld Breeding as International Grower of the Year 2014. This prestigious award is an initiative of the AIPH (International Association of Horticultural Producers) and FloraCulture International.


Each of the twenty-five participating countries can propose just one candidate, four of whom eventually compete for the award. The Dutch Horticulture Business Award (Tuinbouw Ondernemersprijs) submitted Schoneveld Breeding for the international award because of its marketing of small specialized products and its internationalism and collaboration.

The jury assessed the entries on economic performance, the level of innovation, the effectiveness of the marketing strategy, high environmental standards and the organisation of human resource management. Schoneveld Breeding reached the highest score on all criteria. Particularly Schoneveld Breeding was appreciated for supply chain collaboration, where market anticipation is focussed on sales trends, which was recognized as a distinguishing factor.

Focus On The Grower

“The current economic climate means that these days we not only have to work harder, we also have to work smarter,” says Peter van de Pol, managing director and owner of Schoneveld Breeding. “More specifically, this means that we always have to be one step ahead of the competition, constantly innovating and looking for new successes. In our company, we firmly place the emphasis on working together with the other links in the chain. That is beneficial for all parties.”

In this collaboration, Schoneveld Breeding puts the grower center stage and gives advice regarding cultivation, marketing and sales.

“By sharing our specific professional knowledge, and by learning from our partners, we can make more progress than if we were to operate alone,” van de Pol says.

Furthermore, the breeder is continuously investing in research and in the skills of its employees.

Van de Pol says quality has become a prerequisite, it is no longer just a distinguishing factor.

With the International Grower of the Year award, Schoneveld Breeding feels that it is greatly strengthened in its philosophy.

“As far as we are concerned, supply chain collaboration is inextricably linked with sustainable success,” van de Pol says.

Source: Schoneveld