Holiday Plant Trends And New Varieties

Holiday Plant Trends And New Varieties

Growers final impressions of the 2014 poinsettia season according to Greenhouse Grower’s 2014 Poinsettia Survey were mixed, ranging from “flat” to “very strong” to “sucked.” Of the growers surveyed, 41 percent said they grew poinsettias to cover overhead costs, and 59 percent said they grew poinsettias to increase their operation’s profit margin.

Eighty-four percent of growers surveyed say they plan to buy-in finished product for 2015. Those who said they don’t plan to grow poinsettias in 2015 will replace them with crops like cyclamen, paperwhites and orchids. Others said they will bypass holiday crops in favor of succulents, vegetables, and eventually, marijuana (if it is legalized in their state). Growers’ reasons for not growing poinsettias mainly centered around the fact that production costs are too high and with the shrinking market it is hard to make a profit, while others cited space constraints and inadequate shading and lighting.





Overall, growers were encouraged by plant quality, stronger sales and the less saturated market as production adjusts to meet demand, saying customers seemed very interested in novelty varieties, but red is still king. Some said demand for larger poinsettias was up and customers were asking for more decorative combinations.

Breeders are bringing out many new colors and novelty varieties in cyclamens and poinsettias for fall sales and holiday displays. The slide show above includes 14 of the newest varieties offered on the market for 2014 and 2015.