A Quick Look at Sakata’s Clemson Landscape Trial

A Quick Look at Sakata’s Clemson Landscape Trial

Sakata-Trial-at-Clemson-1For the first time, Sakata Ornamentals hosted a 2017 Southern Garden Tour trial stop at Clemson University. Sakata’s Retail Category Manager Brad Smith, an alumnus of Clemson University himself and a current booster (read: tuition-payer) for his son who attends the university, noticed that there wasn’t any color planted on the grounds of the South Carolina Botanical Garden, located on campus. He knew where he could find some, as he happened to have some connections, and quickly made a deal with the university — in exchange for Sakata donating plants to provide season-long color to its landscape, he wanted to host a trials event to show it off. The opportunity to showcase the flower power of Sakata’s varieties in a landscape setting was invaluable, Smith says.

Smith’s motives were good, thinking that the color annuals and vegetable varieties Sakata donated could provide material for students interested in container design to work with, as well.


The grounds crew got to work putting plants in the ground in April, and by the time of the open house in June, the weather had been warm but wet enough to fill them in nicely.

Standouts were the Gnome Gomphrena, SunPatiens, SuperCal petunias, PartyTime coleus, and several varieties of Sakata’s Home Grown vegetable collection.

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