Beekenkamp Plants Acquires Sunny Osteospermum Breeding Program

Beekenkamp Plants Acquires Sunny Osteospermum Breeding Program

Beekenkamp Plants B.V., which acquired the sales activities of Sunny Holland B.V. (a Denmark-based breeder of Sunny Osteospermum) in 2017, has now taken ownership of the company’s entire Osteospermum breeding program. Breeding activities will continue at Beekenkamp Plants B.V. in the Netherlands, with production of mother stock plants taking place at its facility in Ethiopia. Thanks to a working relationship with Gartneriet 3Kanten A/S, unrooted cutting production will continue in Vietnam. Gartneriet 3Kanten A/S will continue to partner with Beekenkamp Plants B.V. by selling cuttings and Sunny Osteospermum finished products in the Scandinavian market.

“Through our collaboration with Beekenkamp Plants, we have realized that Sunny Osteospermum is a great fit for the committed family business at Beekenkamp Plants,” says Sunny Owners Niels Larsen and Bjarne Nyholm Larsen. “We are confident that Beekenkamp Plants can successfully continue our breeding program.”


Marc Driessen, Director of Beekenkamp Plants B.V., says that breeding in-house is important for the future of Beekenkamp Plants, and Sunny Osteospermum is a strong brand that aligns with its ambition.

“We are very happy that our close collaboration with Gartneriet 3Kanten will continue, thus guaranteeing the reliable input of knowledge and continuity of sales in Scandinavia” Driessen says.