Burpee Certifies 1,000th Grower

Burpee Certifies 1,000th Grower

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Burpee Home Gardens has certified its 1,000th grower in its branded vegetable and flower line — Stacy’s Greenhouses, York, S.C.


Certified Burpee Home Gardens growers receive full marketing support for the products they sell through the branded program, including point-of-purchase materials, pot and tag options and more. They also reap the benefits of dedicated consumer outreach to media and home gardeners.

Certified growers are also listed in Burpee’s “Find A Grower” index, where retail stores and franchises can locate their nearby plant supplier easily via a postal code search tool.

“We are thrilled to sign Stacy’s Greenhouses in York, South Carolina, as our 1,000th certified Burpee Home Gardens grower, and we look forward to achieving even more grower certifications this season,” says Carolyn Dixon, sales manager for Burpee Home Gardens. “We believe it is through our exclusive, one-of-a-kind offerings, and our commitment to increasing consumer demand, that makes Burpee the top choice for growers looking to increase the value of the products they sell.”

This year, Burpee launched several new exclusive flowers, including Begonia ‘Sparks Will Fly’ and Petunia ‘Blue A Fuse,’ as well as its popular Bumper Crop line of grafted tomatoes. Expansion of digital tools and resources for home gardeners, such as My Garden Designer and the Burpee Garden Coach, plus Burpee’s sponsorship of national garden television shows like “Growing A Greener World” with host Joe Lamp’l, further contribute to the success of the Burpee program.

To learn more about the Burpee Home Gardens program and to request the Burpee Certified Grower Guidelines, growers can contact their Ball Seed or Ball ColorLink representative or visit the Burpee Home Gardens website.