Danziger, Terra Nova Partner on Vegetative Cuttings Production for International Market

Danziger, Terra Nova Partner on Vegetative Cuttings Production for International MarketDanziger and Terra Nova Nurseries have announced a new partnership in which Danziger will become a dedicated licensee and producer of vegetative cuttings from Terra Nova Nurseries’ stock in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Danziger will produce the unrooted cuttings (URCs) to fulfill orders in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

“We believe that this collaboration and the addition of world-class perennials genetics by Terra Nova will enable us to provide our customers with a complete assortment and will benefit all parts of the horticulture value chain,” says Amir Dor, Director of Sales – Annuals & Perennials at Danziger.


Danziger and Terra Nova Nurseries are both breeders with annuals and perennials assortments, and the collaboration offers potential for growth for both companies, according to Ken Brown, Managing Owner of Terra Nova Nurseries.

“We have set creative collaborations as one of our core values, and this partnership is a good example and another step in fulfilling our mission of creating extraordinary success for our customers”, says Ori Danziger, Deputy CEO at Danziger. “We see an increasing demand for high-quality perennials in many markets. Collaborating with a strong partner such as Terra Nova creates synergy and a unique value proposition for the market.”

Greenhouse Grower caught up with Ken Brown, Managing Director at Terra Nova Nurseries, and asked him about the alliance.

Greenhouse Grower (GG): How did this alliance come about?

Ken Brown: A mutual licensee suggested we should work together. We all sat down at Flower Trials 2018 in Europe and decided to explore possibilities.

GG: The horticulture industry is seeing more and more of this type of collaboration. Is this a way for Danziger and Terra Nova to compete with the larger consolidated breeding companies to be a one-stop shop for your customers?

Brown: Yes, In our analysis of the Danziger perennial breeding versus Terra Nova’s perennial breeding, it became apparent we had very little overlap. Adding the Terra Nova genetics filled in most of the genera that Danziger did not offer, creating a true one-stop shop for our perennial customers.

GG: Will this alliance change anything for growers in North America?

Brown: Not for the moment. We made the announcement for our cooperation in the territories outside of North America. We have many details to work out with our licensees before we decide about North America. Our relationship with Danziger is a proactive work in progress.

GG: How will this impact growers internationally?

Brown: Order fulfillment is from Africa to ship to Europe and Southeast Asia. I visited all of Danziger’s production locations and confirmed they are practicing superior sanitary protocol, inventory control, packaging, EDI, reporting, logistical control, and ease of ordering for their customers. Simply put, our international growers will be able to get our products in the volumes they want and when they want them. Too many times in the past, I heard, “Terra Nova has great genetics, but we cannot get them.” Our collaboration with Danziger will help solve this need.

GG: What value proposition does this alliance have for Danziger’s and Terra Nova Nurseries’ customers?

Brown: Our vegetative (non-tissue culture/unrooted cuttings) supply chain has been continuously interrupted over the past ten years by the consolidation of breeding companies and farms they own. Danziger is known for quality and reliability. Our contracts are structured to ensure that our supply chain will not be interrupted in the future.