Fabulous Fall Crops [Photos]

Fabulous Fall Crops [Photos]

Chrysanthemum 'Chelsey Pink'

Chrysanthemum Chelsey Series by Syngenta Flowers 
The all-new Chelsey family fits the mid-season flowering window and performs well in shaded and natural-season programs. Available in Coral, Pink, Yellow and White, Chelsey is easy to mix and match for eye-catching combinations. Large flowers, round plant habit and uniform flowering make Chelsey an easy addition to any garden mum program.


Dendranthema ‘Fireworks Igloo’ by Blooms of Bressingham

This addition to the Igloo series of hardy garden mums brings a new spider flower form and pink color to the mix, forming a uniform, show-stopping ball of 2-inch blooms for instant fall color in the ground or in containers in late summer and early fall. It grows to 2 feet tall by 2 1/2 feet wide with uniform flowering and is hardy to USDA Zone 5.

Echinacea ‘Cheyenne Spirit’ by Kieft Seed

For the first time, this incredibly vibrant echinacea color range is available as a segregating mix from seed. ‘Cheyenne Spirit’ produces higher in-store impact, thanks to fuller pots and a mix of flower colors in red, orange, purple, scarlet, cream, yellow and white. An All-America Selections winner, ‘Cheyenne Spirit’ is hardy to Zone 4

Heucherella ‘Sunrise Falls by Green Leaf Plants

‘Sunrise Falls’ features yellow, maple-leaf-shaped leaves that have showy red veining atop plants with a cascading habit. Featuring white flower spikes, ‘Sunrise Falls’ grows to 13 inches tall. This cultivar is hardy to Zones 4 to 9 and ideal for AHS Heat Zones 9 to 4.

Hypericum ‘Hypearl Compact Yellow’ by Green Leaf Plants

A compact, well-branched shrub with green, rounded leaves, ‘Hypearl Compact Yellow’ is a smart fit for containers or small garden spaces, growing to only 18 inches tall. Deep-yellow flowers develop into deep- yellow berries. Bloom time is June to October, and these heat-loving plants grow in sun. This variety is hardy to Zones 6 to 9 and ideal for AHS heat Zones 9-6.

Kale ‘Nagoya White’ by Sakata Seeds

‘Nagoya White’ produces colorful, highly fringed leaves and is a long-lasting, cool-season bedding plant that also adds interest to fall containers and color bowls.

Mustard ‘Deep Purple’ by Sakata Seeds

‘Deep Purple’ is a perfect variety for baby leaf spring mix. It has smooth, deep purple leaves that make any salad pop. In addition, Deep Purple has a spicy mustard taste that adds flavor to salads. It can be used for baby leaf, fresh markets or ornamental.

New Guinea Impatiens Florific Series by Syngenta Flowers/Goldsmith Seeds

Florific New Guinea impatiens is a new series from seed that is fast and uniform to finish. It is ideal for economical, high-quality bedding plant production in jumbo packs and four-inch pots. With crop times of 12 to 14 weeks, Florific is fast and uniform to finish, and offers top- quality plants for high-density production and season-long landscape satisfaction. Florific has large premium flowers held above the foliage, available in four core colors: Lavender, Red, Violet and White. It is an ideal alternative to Impatiens walleriana where impatiens downy mildew exists in the landscape.

Pansy Cool Wave Series by PanAmerican Seed

More new colors join the Cool Wave pansy series this fall: Golden Yellow and Purple spread and trail vigorously to cover hanging baskets and fill landscapes. Cool Wave pansies are quite cold tolerant and will overwinter to Zone 5.

Trailing Pansy WonderFall Series by Syngenta Flowers

WonderFall spreading/trailing pansy from Syngenta offers large-flowered, vigorous plants that are perfect for premium containers and baskets. Additionally, WonderFall pansies spread up to three times as wide as traditional pansies in the garden. Available in five core and six unique colors, WonderFall provides color that will inspire consumer creativity and increase retail sales.

Swiss Chard ‘Peppermint’ by Sakata Seeds

‘Peppermint’ is the only chard with two-toned stems. Highly ornamental plants boast pure white petioles with vibrant pink streaks topped by dark-green, glossy leaves. ‘Peppermint’ matures in 58 to 63 days from seedling and shows very high resistance to bolting. It is a great choice for specialty produce or mixed with ornamentals and performs well across multiple seasons.

Verbena Enduro Series by Ball FloraPlant

Ball FloraPlant’s new Enduro series of hardy landscape verbena is tough. Over summer, it stays in flower longer while over winter it’s hardy to the low teens. Enduro tolerates powdery mildew and the series is available in three colors for 2014 sales: Purple, White Blush, and Rose.