Floranova Patio Edibles

Floranova Patio Edibles

Patio Edibles by Vegetalis takes container gardening to a new dimension. Patio Edibles may look too good to eat, but the varieties in the collection were selected for their great flavor and high yields as much as their tidy habits and good looks.

For the discerning vegetable grower, Patio Edibles also offers some unique gourmet characteristics to a vegetable assortment. The golf ball-sized black fruit of ‘Pot Black’ eggplant adds a new color dimension to a vegetable medley on the grill. The striped red fruit of ‘Tumbling Tiger’ tomato adds a conversation piece when picked right at the table and added to a dinner salad. The hint of anise from a pot of ‘Floral Spires’ basil adds an enjoyable fragrance to the patio, as well as great flavor. And then there’s the intense flavor of ‘Mignoette’ strawberry when savored on the tongue.


Edible Entertainment Gardening

Bred for small garden spaces and combination pots, Patio Edibles makes vegetable gardening easy even for urban gardeners. The wide assortment of varieties and habits makes them easy to incorporate into alm

Trailing tomatoes or hot peppers can be planted in hanging baskets or used to cascade from a patio planter to maximize patio space. Simple theme vegetable gardens, like a salsa garden or eggplant parmesan garden, add further interest to container vegetable gardening.

While mixed flower containers have become a garden mainstay, adding Patio Edibles can turn patio pots into edible entertainment gardens. Some combinations are as simple as adding a trailing tomato where an ivy geranium or filler foliage was used before. Simply adding a trailing tomato with Cobra vinca and Prism petunia gives homeowner the joys of producing their own salad tomato and the beauty of flowers at once. Replace the center spike in a large combination pot with and eggplant. The leaf color and texture provided by ‘Pinstripe’ eggplant, along with the fulfillment of picking dinner, add to the gardening experience.

Simple Recipes

When planting, keep in mind the growing characteristics the plants favor. Most Patio Edibles produce heavier in full sun and consistent watering. To keep life simple for growing, combining flowers and Patio Edibles after any final PGR treatments on the flowers may be required. A week or two of growing together is generally sufficient and makes scheduling components much easier.

Some simple recipes might include ‘Chenzo’ pepper in a basket with Boa vinca trailing below. Use ‘Tumbling Tom’ to cascade from a pot with a Boa vinca mat and ‘Apache’ pepper. Or, plant ‘Ivory’ eggplant with Prism petunia and ipomoea.

Surround ‘Field of Dreams’ corn with Sizzler salvia, Perfume nicotiana and Tumbling Tiger tomato in a larger combination pot. Or replace the nicotiana with a Prism petunia for slightly smaller containers and less vertical appearance. With just a little creativity, the possibilities are almost endless.