Hort Couture Builds Relationships With Independent Breeders

Coleus UNDER THE SEA Sea Monkey Purple

Coleus ‘Under the Sea Sea Monkey Purple,’ a new addition to Hort Couture’s dwarf coleus collection, is perfect for small containers, terrariums, and fairy gardens.

Hort Couture works with independent breeders from all over the world, investing a lot of time and effort to help them introduce unique genetics to the market. The company specializes in container gardening, so it is always on the hunt for compact varieties and plants that play well together in combinations. Features that are important to Hort Couture are unique flower patterns, bright colors, texture, and foliage.


Hort Couture has concentrated on its annuals program with resulting contributions such as the Coleus Under the Sea Collection, Petunia ‘Glamouflage,’ the Viola Hip Hop Series, and more. In 2016, it plans to shift its attention to Health, Happiness, and Hort Couture with a revamp of its Culinary Couture Collection.

“We have some great relationships that we have built with breeders for the last several years, and we are excited about the projects that they are working on,” says Sales and Marketing Manager Jennifer Hatalski. “Now we are at a point where we are going back through our programs and focusing on areas that we haven’t heavily promoted in past years.”

Hort Couture performs both greenhouse and outdoor trials at the Raker Trial Gardens in Litchfield, MI, and sends trial material to various trials throughout the country. Each year the company invites growers and retailers to the Raker Trial Gardens to see its entire line of products and experimental varieties that are still in trials for future years. With growers and retailers across North America, the trial information is an important resource for Hort Couture, and it values the feedback it gains from this process.